Project Goals


As you can see, the field at the Las Cruces School we will be re-vitalizing, is in dire need of repair. Not only is the grass patchy and large sections completely given over to dirt, but the area surrounding the field is also in great disrepair. We will be building stands, new goals, picking up trash and giving the field a general face lift. Here are the specifics:

  • Re-grade the field for proper drainage during the rainy season to minimize grass and dirt erosion of the field and to also promote grass growth.
  • Plant new grass.
  • Build a drainage system that is effective for run-off, possibly that can capture the water for re-use.
  • Replace old goalposts.
  • Install simple dugouts with aluminum benches and shade.
  • Build stands for spectators.
  • Create a space for picnics, possibly covered or shaded, to enhance the community gathering atmosphere.
  • Create safe and accessible entry points to the field. A simple path can be cut and paved from the pitch up to the school. Currently, all “paths” are unsafe and eroded from poor drainage.
  • A general landscaping and clean-up of the area. There are multiple places where vegetation has taken over and is growing wild.
  • Purchase equipment: goal nets, balls, cones and any other equipment. We will also build a shed to make sure any tools and equipment are secured.
  • The school also needs some repairs, from painting to various upgrades, any extra money raised will go towards the school grounds.