The Las Cruces Project is not a simple project that’s run by one or two passionate people – it’s an exciting initiative that requires the work of several awesome organizations and groups from two otherwise distant lands.

Timbers Army/107st

timbersThe 107 Independent Supporters Trust is the nonprofit arm of the Timbers Army. With over 4000 paid members, the 107IST works to fulfill its mission to support soccer in and around Portland, Oregon from the grass roots to the highest professional level. 107IST supports charitable efforts in and around the Portland area and beyond, for both soccer-related and non-soccer-specific causes.


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Operation Pitch Invasion

operation-pitchbuild. revitalize. maintain.

OPI develops soccer fields and futsal courts in Portland’s parks and schools so that kids of all ages have high-quality and safe playing surfaces to enjoy the beautiful game.

These projects improve communities by bringing people together over a shared project, a shared park, a shared fundraising goal, and a shared game. Our work brings places for play to underserved neighborhoods and supports after-school programming in schools and community centers. And our volunteer projects make park improvements that City budgets can’t touch.

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Cuatro M Cafes

cuatro_cafesIn El Salvador, coffee and soccer have more in common than meets the eye.  Both are deeply rooted in the country’s political, social and cultural history.  Both serve as a means to bring people together across different backgrounds, ages, communities, and social statuses.  In El Salvador, It is never too early for soccer, and never too late for coffee.  Cuatro M Cafes is honored to be part of the Las Cruces project, and to help showcase the best coffees from western El Salvador.  In the communities neighboring our mill, we are witness to the benefits of an adequate recreation space for both youth and adults alike.   The Las Cruces project, when complete, will undoubtedly have a deep impact on the individuals and families in this area who dedicate their lives to coffee production.

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Tanager Coffee

smallheadertanpdxAt the core of Tanager Coffee Roasters mission as a business is the desire to be the connecting point between the coffee consuming and coffee growing communities of the world. With the Las Cruces Project, we have an incredible opportunity to see this mission at work through the commonalities that Portland and El Salvador share in our passion for Soccer and Coffee.

We are extremely excited to be partnered with such great organizations that deeply care about their communities and the people who they interact with on a day-to-day basis. This project will not only have a longstanding impact in the area surrounding the Las Cruces school, but it will also develop the kind of bond between our two communities that only working hard together and enjoying life to its fullest can create.

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