The Project

The Las Cruces Project is inspired by the love of coffee & the beautiful game. It is a partnership between the Timbers Army/107 Independent Supporters Trust, Operation Pitch Invasion, Tanager Coffee Roasters & Cuatro M Café’s to rehabilitate a soccer pitch at the Las Cruces School in the Santa Ana coffee growing region in El Salvador.

Portland, OR & Santa Ana, El Salvador: two cities, separated geographically by thousands of miles, united by their passion for producing amazing coffee & fervently supporting & participating in soccer.  This project was catalyzed in Portland, OR through forming & linking strong relationships that reflect passion & commitment to seeing this project become successful.

The Las Cruces School is situated in the mountains above Santa Ana, surrounded by coffee farms. It is the only soccer field for miles around & is heavily used year-round. Thousands of children, coffee workers & even a semi-pro soccer team use the poorly maintained field each year. It is more than simply a place of recreation; it is a community focal point & essential to linking families and neighborhoods together.

Join us as we collaborate & dream together to celebrate our love of coffee, soccer & most of all, experience a true sense of community through the linking together of our great cities.