Soccer & Coffee

The wind is blowing gently through the trees as the smells of coffee being processed waft over Finca El Manzano and down the hill into the valley. I am sitting here in El Salvador, reflecting on the beauty and hard work that is going on all around me. Growing coffee is truly a beautiful craft, easily recognized from the attention to detail and passion that each person, from the owner all the way to the one picking the coffee fruit ripe for harvest, exhibits.

As the sun begins its descent, dipping behind the mountains & the last of the days harvest is brought in, the focus transitions squarely on soccer. Soon, any empty lot or parking area is turned into a makeshift football pitch, crowded with sweaty bodies, searching for the ball with dusty shoes.

Passion. Community. Craft.

The Las Cruces Project was conceived on these principles and ideas, showing how connected the two communities of Portland, OR and the coffee growing area in Santa Ana, El Salvador. We are passionate about coffee. We are passionate about soccer. It shows in our everyday lives, what we choose to do with our time, our resources and we have built our communities around these two things.


CJ & Cory from Tanager Coffee with Talnamica FC a soccer team representing a local farm.

My biggest hope is that you would enjoy this coffee immensely not simply because it tastes good, but because it brings us together in an uncommon way. To be able to bridge a gap between countries and cultures through the language of coffee and soccer is a truly remarkable feat.

Please, make sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter(both are @lascrucesproj) and this site as we weave together not just the story of the farmers and coffee workers in El Salvador, but also you, our customers creating a beautiful community experience.

Special thanks go out to Cuatro M Cafes for all of their support in El Salvador. This project would not be possible without their amazing coffees. They not only grow & process coffee in the neighborhood of the Las Cruces School, but they are also connecting us with other producers in the area who support the project. I would also like to thank The Timbers Army/107ist & Operation Pitch Invasion for their support and help getting this project off the ground and into your mugs! They have provided not only valuable insight, but also an incredible passion to see this project realized.

Together, we will accomplish our goal for rehabilitating the soccer field at the Las Cruces School and create a lasting relationship between our two communities.

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