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Purchase a monthly recurring subscription of one or two 12oz bags of this delicious El Salvadoran single-origin coffee, and you’ll be directly supporting a multi-cultural initiative that’s giving surrounding families and neighbors of the Las Cruces School a new place to form stronger bonds over their two passions: coffee and soccer.

In order to purchase multiple subscriptions (they make great gifts!), simply place a new order for each address that will receive the coffee.

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This is a prime example of a delicious coffee from Western El Salvador. It is called Four Farms because the coffee is made up of a blend of coffee from four neighboring farms. These farms surround the Las Cruces School and farm workers and their families all take advantage of the safe and wide open space of the schools soccer field. From celebrations to organized soccer matches, it is a place where community, recreation and fun are always at front and center.

Expect to taste rich notes of Chocolate and a natural, unrefined sweetness, much like a Turbinado or Brown sugar. As the coffee settles on your palate, there will be luscious notes of Cherry, Orange Slices (how fitting for a soccer focused coffee!) and spice notes. The finish is smooth and long, leaving you to contemplate the project and the field itself, nestled amongst tropical trees and pines in the heart of the Santa Ana Volcano foothills.

Please Note: We want you to experience this coffee at its peak of excellence. Therefore, we will only send you freshly roasted whole bean coffee. To accommodate this, we will be roasting your subscription coffee on the FIRST Tuesday of every month.. If you sign up for your subscription anytime after the first Monday night of the month at 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, it will be roasted the following month. Thank you so much for understanding and your support.

Farms: El Manzano, Santa Julia, Talnamica, & Monterey
Region: Santa Ana
Sub-Region/village: Las Cruces
Country: El Salvador
Elevation: 1300-1550 MASL
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Weight: 12 OZ


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